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Download names and the currently accepted national taxonomy

Exports are available at:


AusMoss :


Lichen : (currently will export the ABRS Lichen taxonomy, this is not a consensus taxonomy)


Attribute description

A description of the attributes provided in the Darwin Core(DwC)/CSV Output definition file/s:  

NSL Name export format

NSL Taxon export format

Notes & Caveats

Extracts are provided in CSV format, using DwC attribute names where possible.  

All object identifiers are actionable IRI.  

Additional attribute names are taken from the DwC issue tracker or from the NSL schema.  

These flattened extracts are a high level abstraction from the underlying data objects.  The queries are complex and subject to frequent review so please report errors and discrepancies if they are found.  

These datasets are  incomplete,  works in progress - for details of the specific status of each, please contact the custodian.

Specific information in regards to APNI / APC

APNI Names Extract

Additional caveats:

  • these data are not (yet) filtered to correctly limit APNI's taxonomic scope  so there will be some overlap with names from other NSL shards, such as Mosses, Fungi, etc.;
  • not every name will have a protologue, some trees remain un-rooted, there are still several families missing.

Includes names:

  • that have been used in APC including phrase names, common names and hybrid names;
  • that have not yet treated in APC such as the Orchids;
  • cultivars;
  • Algae, Fungi and Bryophytes (these will be replaced with the names from their source datasets when they are incorporated into the NSL)
  • hybrid formulae.

The extract now includes many names (such as isonyms) that may seem superfluous or unnecessary complications outside of their nomenclatural or taxonomic context.   The solution here may be to provide a number of expurgated editions, tailoring to particular use cases. 

APC Taxon Extract

APC is incomplete.  This is most noticeable in the taxonomic arrangement.  Parent taxa with taxonomic status 'DeclaredBT' are hypothetical entries (for the purpose of maintaining the tree - then mostly for excluded taxa) that should be removed from this extract.  They will disappear as the APC coverage incorporates these taxa.